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About Us

About Us

HKBoxPro provides innovative packaging solutions for leading companies worldwide. We apply more than two decades experience in consumer merchandising, sourcing, marketing and retail manufacturing to helping premium brands succeed in the global marketplace.
With offices in Hong Kong, and a factory in China, we work with a wide network of partners we trust to deliver results our clients can depend on.

You work hard to deliver quality products your customers love and trust; we believe your packaging should reflect that. At HKBoxPro we strive to deliver custom packaging solutions that

live up to the highest standards so you can give your customers what they’ve come to expect from your brand – and delight them before they even get to what’s inside.

How We Work

How We Work

Our clients depend on us for packaging that works as a true extension of their brand.
Our team helps you find the best solution or possible range of solutions to complete the brand experience.

Our flexible packaging
solutions work with your design
or business needs, while aligning with your timing, budget and brand requirements to deliver results you’ll love.

With a factory and dedicated
network of partners in China, we
guide every step of the printing,
production and delivery process
to guarantee the final product.
We can also help your team with
the right business connections to
get what you need.

We love a good challenge.
Our creative problem solving enables us to provide packaging that is truly one of a kind and most of all, custom tailored to your goals.

Our sourcing expertise extends beyond packaging.
Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find the best promotional, corporate giveaway and premium items too!

What ever you need

Whatever your needs,
count on HKBoxPro to deliver!

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HKBoxPro works with a range of premium and luxury brands, including cosmetics, wineries, office supplies, fashion, gift boxes and stationery.
Click below to see the wide range of products and materials
we have to offer including:

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